About Our Life cloud application



 Easy To Use:

Available anytime of the day or night, globally. 

 Instant Access:

Nothing to install, simply join and enjoy.

 Bank Security:

The same encrypted Internet security as used to protect millions of online banking customers every day.

  Preserve Your Legacy:

This systematic format consolidates all of your assets in one location.



AboutOurLife.com is a great new way to get organized, prepare for the unexpected and safely plan for the future. Imagine the convenience of having specific information about your life always available at your fingertips while you maintain complete control over your privacy. With over 60 topics About Our Life offers everyone a great new safety net that will be used for years to come. 

Online Safety: About Our Life targets general knowledge questions designed to help you when needed. No personal or contact information is ever requested and you always have complete control over your files. Simply answer the questions that fulfill your needs and ignore the rest. It's that easy.
Be Prepared For The Unexpected: When disaster strikes, we not only suffer the trauma of the event, we also have to rebuild our lives once again. Without proper records in place, you may find yourself in big trouble.
Estate Planning: This system consolidates all of your assets in one location so when you’re ready to legally finalize your wishes you can save time, money, and be confident in achieving your goals when contacting a financial advisor.

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