Tips on How to Write Powerful Get-Well-Soon Wishes

Get well soon” is a thoughtful phrase we use to make human feel better after getting sick. However, it’s overused more often, and it might help to see some newer options you can use instead.

Get Well Soon Messages
Get Well Soon Messages

These flowers represent hugs and kisses to let you know that I wish you were here and not in that sick bed. get well soon.

Quick recovery messages are the perfect way to let a sick relative or friend know that you are constantly thinking about them and sincerely hope for their speedy recovery.

But finding the right message to write in a get-well card isn’t a walk in the park.

If you have no clue how to pen this note or message, we’re here to help. This article lists down some thoughtful quotes that will help you write customized messages or wishes.

Funny get well wishes

  • In case you’re wondering, I sent those flowers for the nurse, not for you! Just kidding! Hope you feel better soon by seeing them!

  • I know you’re lying about your illness! Get up from your bed quickly so we can go party! Feel better soon!

  • If you haven’t eaten those ice creams without me then may be fever wouldn’t come this severely. Happy ice cream eating now fast recovery soon.

  • Sending all the warmest regards so that you feel the warmness of fever twice. Just kidding dear. Feel good soon.

  • I saw what they give you to eat every day, now I get why you aren’t getting better! Hope you feel good soon so that you can come back to eat the veggies!

  • Missing your annoying and bad sense of humor, so feel better soon!

  • You have plenty of patience and that’s why god tests your tolerance by offering illness to you quite frequently. Get better now.

  • Hope you fast recovery soon Mom, because in the meantime, we have to eat dad’s cooked food!

  • Don’t rest on the bed all day long; you’ll lose the body you made from gym for the whole year! Feel better soon buddy!

Inspirational Get Well Soon Quotes

  • You have a lot to achieve to lead a successful life ahead. So, get well soon and start working on your dreams.

  • I am waiting eagerly to see you healthier and stronger than before. Get well soon.

  • You are a fighter, and no sickness or surgery can keep you down. Fight the time and be healthy as soon as possible. Lots of love.

  • Close your eyes and think about the blessings of your life. Celebrate the goodness of the Lord. You are sick, yet you still breathe. God will heal you soon

  • I have seen how strong you are. Get well soon with much more strength than before.

  • Take medicine regularly and let your body rest. We all are with you. You will be healthy again and come back to us very soon. Waiting to see you fit as before. Get well soon.

Get Well Soon Quotes For Friend

  • Hoping you find strength with each new day.

  • Thinking of you and hoping you feel better each day.

  • Take it one day at a time, and you will be feeling better soon!

  • You are in all of our wishes as you recover.

  • Best wishes that you will soon be doing all the things you love again!

  • Sending you hugs and love as you recuperate.

  • All of us are thinking of you and hope that you get better soon.

  • Thinking of you and wishing you well as you recover.

  • Sending all my prayers to you. May God have mercy on you and help you to get well soon.

  • Wishing for you to feel better soon! May God grace you with good health and fast recovery!

  • The sickness that you have is not even half as strong as you are. I believe you will make a full recovery in no time. Take care of yourself!

  • All my best wishes to you, and I hope you’ll soon be back doing all the things you love.

  • Get well soon, friend. Sending my heartfelt wishes and prayers your way!

Get Well Soon Quotes For Boyfriend

  • I miss your kisses and hugs. I hope you know how much I love you!

  • If only I could trade places with your hospital nurse so I can give you some TLC. Get well soon, my love!

  • Our home feels so empty without you in it. Please get better soon so you can be back where you belong.

  • Sending you all of my hugs and kisses to make you feel better.

  • My kisses may be magical, but they can’t heal you the way the medicine can. So please get better soon so I can kiss you again!

  • When you are in pain, remember all of the good times we’ve shared together, and think about the memories we still have to make!

  • I am missing your warm hugs and kisses badly. Get well soon, handsome.

  • Without your stupid jokes and mischief, the house seems empty and silent. Get well soon, love.

  • Sending you lots of love, hugs, and warm kisses to provide you strength and confidence to fight back your illness. Get well soon, love.

  • Get well soon, love. We have a long way to go to achieve all the beautiful things of life.

Heartfelt Get Well Messages

  • Wishing you all of the love and support you need to feel better soon.

  • Thinking of you lots and wishing for a quick recovery.

  • Remember to take things one day at a time!

  • Warmest wishes for a speedy recovery.

  • We love you very much! Feel better soon! Xoxoxo

  • You’re one of the strongest and bravest people I know! You’ll get through this, I promise!

  • May you bounce back to your normal day to day like soon enough!

  • I hope each day brings you more strength and smiles.

  • From sunrise to sunset each day, you’ll be in my thoughts!

  • You mean the world to me. Take time to rest and feel good! I’m always here for you!

  • An illness may come and go, but our friendship will always be forever strong. Feel better buddy, I miss your company!


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