Funeral Messages for Funeral Flower and Card

Dealing with emotions is hard for everyone, sometimes a written best condolence message describes your feelings better.

Funeral Messages

Funeral messages are sent to the family members or friends of the deceased person. Such messages have been written to offer them sympathy and consolation for their loss.

Writing a sympathetic funeral message isn’t easy. The message should provide some kind of comfort to the person who has lost his beloved. It is important to increase our empathy towards them and make them feel a little better.

Funeral is a very sad event in one’s life. Anyone who has lost a loved one knows the pain of saying a final goodbye to them. It is necessary for you to try to console your friend, family, relatives, co-workers, or well-known people and send condolence messages to the deceased at such a heart-wrenching moment. You should express your deepest condolences with appropriate sympathetic words. May your heartfelt words for funeral quotes have the power to console them.

Here are some of the best samples of cute messages that will help you express your feelings in the best possible way.

Funeral Card Messages

  • May his soul rest in peace. Stay strong. we are here for you.

  • She will be remembered with great pride and affection.

  • Gone but never forgotten. He will remain in our hearts and mind forever.

  • She may be gone, but her memories will live on and will never be forgotten.

  • Dad, I consider myself fortunate to have been allowed to be your child. You are no longer with us, but you will never be forgotten.

  • God has chosen his favorite friend to be with him in heaven. Keeping you in our prayers always. You will be sorely missed.

  • Mom, you were adored by everybody. You are the kindest person I have ever known. Rest in peace. You will be remembered for the rest of our life.

  • My dear sister, you will always be in my heart, no matter where you are. I hope you find peace in heaven.

  • Brother, may you rest in peace. I will remember every memory we shared and think about you till my dying breath.

  • My loving wife. Please wait for me until we are reunited again in heaven. You are gone, but I will never forget you.

  • Days will pass but your memories will only become stronger. We will always keep you in our prayer. Sleep peacefully, you will live on forever in our hearts.

  • Aunt, you will be remembered with great pride. You are a source of pride for our entire family. You will be sorely missed.

  • Grandpa, I shall miss you deeply and affectionately for the rest of my life. I shall always remember you. Please be at peace and happy in heaven.

  • A man may die but his deeds will always speak for him. As sad as the moment may be, it is also a great honor for us to be here today. Rest in peace!

Best Funeral Messages

  • Your father was a wonderful person. He was always there to help us out whenever we needed it. May his soul rest in peace.

  • I know that nothing can bring back your father again and no one can take his place in your life but in case you need any help, I am always there for you.

  • My prayers are with you, may the Almighty Lord lessen your grief and bring you comfort. God bless you. I offer my sympathy to you and your family.

  • It feels so painful to know that your elder brother passed away in a car accident. My deepest sympathies for you and your parents.

  • Your uncle led a life filled with achievements. We all admired him so much for that. We are no less sad at his death.

  • We know that nothing can repair such a loss, but we all are here with you. Have faith in God, time will heal everything slowly.

  • I feel so sorry that your mother is no more. She was a wonderful person who kept motivating you all these years. I will miss her a lot. I extend my sympathy to you.

  • May the people around you bring peace and comfort in your life. My sincere condolences to you and your family.

  • Face-To-Face Condolences at The Funeral

  • I am so sorry for your loss.

  • My sincerest condolences on the death of your Mother.

  • I have so many beautiful memories of [Name]. I’m going to miss [him/her].

  • May your heart and soul find peace and comfort.

  • Words cannot even begin to express our sorrow.

  • Remember that you are not alone… We are always here for you.

  • I am thinking about you and sending love.

  • Our family will miss her, too.

  • My thoughts are with you and your family. We will miss your Dad.

  • What a fantastic person and what a remarkable life

  • You are in our hearts and prayers. Would you please let me know if you need anything?

Short Condolence Text

  • You and your family are in my heart and mind. My condolences on the passing of your father.

  • I am deeply saddened by the loss that you and your family have encountered. My condolences.

  • My deepest sympathies go out to you and your family. May God give you the peace that you seek.

  • May my condolences bring you comfort and may my prayers ease the pain of this loss.

  • I offer you my thoughts, prayers and well-wishes during this dark time in your life.

  • Please accept my condolences, just know that I am here for you, please don’t hesitate to reach out, especially during this difficult time.

  • May care and love of those around you provide comfort and peace to get you through the days ahead. My most sincere condolences.

  • Prayers and fond memories are what we have to remember our dearly departed. My most heartfelt condolences.

  • May our Lord bless and comfort you and your family during this time of grief. Please accept my sincere condolences.

  • I am truly sorry to hear of the loss of your mother. Please accept our condolences and may our prayers help comfort you.

  • May God forgive and accept her soul into the Garden of Eden, near the throne of whom she seeks and loves!

  • Despite the loss of the physical presence of your father. We know that God has assigned him to watch over you throughout your life.

  • Sofia, we just want you to know that we are really sorry to hear about your father, he was a wonderful man. May he rest in peace.

  • The loss of someone dear to us is never easy :(… If there is anything I can do, please don’t hesitate to let me know. My condolences.

  • With a heavy heart, I pray for the eternal repose of one who was a woman of distinguished humanity.

Funeral Invitation Messages

  • I would like to invite you to the funeral ceremony of [Name]. I hope you will come and pray for the deceased soul.

  • With a sorrowful heart, we are informing you that [Name] is not among us anymore. I hope you will attend the funeral and bid him a last goodbye.

  • Tomorrow the funeral ceremony of [Name] will be held at [Place]. We are expecting your attendance at the funeral.

  • We would like to inform you with a heavy heart that [name] passed away today morning. We are arranging a small funeral tomorrow. Keep him in your prayers.

  • Everyone will have to go when their time comes. This is the truth of life. We are holding a funeral ceremony in memory of the deceased soul. May his soul rest in peace.

  • With the deepest sorrow, we would like to inform you that [name] is no more with us. We are holding a family funeral. I hope you will come and be with us.

  • All of us will have to go someday. And [name] left us all today. I hope you will come to her funeral and bid her last goodbye.

  • In loving memory of [name], we are holding a funeral tomorrow at [Place]. I hope you will join us with your prayers. Lunch will be served at the funeral hall.

  • We would like to inform you, that [name] passed away today morning. I hope you will remember her happy face forever. Please join us tomorrow at her funeral.

Funeral Quotes

  • His soul may rest in peace. He was a kind and loving person. My condolences.

  • We will remember her with great pride throughout our lives. We offer our deepest sympathy.

  • Although he may have passed, he will always be in our hearts forever. Remembering him.

  • She is gone, but she will never be forgotten. We will always remember her through our memories. We pray that her soul may rest in peace.

  • Mother, you taught me how to be the woman I am today. It is an honor to have been your child in this life. Although you are gone now, your memory will not be lost.

  • Your life was as vibrant as these flowers. You will always be remembered.

  • I will treasure every moment we shared together and will miss you until we meet again in heaven. Sister, rest in peace. Your memory will be cherished forever.

  • God will be pleased to have you in his garden. You are indeed the most beautiful flower.

  • My darling, how can you be gone when you were meant to be with me forever? It’s hard to believe that you aren’t here right now. You will be missed every day.

  • Aunt, may your soul find peace. It’s hard to believe that you are no longer with us. I’ll miss you terribly. We will never replace your absence.

  • Even though you are no more with us, we will always cherish your memory and will never forget you, Grandma. Grandma, rest in peace.

  • You will be missed, Friend. Although you may not be here anymore, we will always remember you. rest in peace in heaven.

  • All things can be healed by time. Tomorrow will not bring back the pain you feel today. These flowers are our sincere condolences.

  • His soul may rest in peace. Keep going. We are here to help you.

  • With great pride and affection, she will be remembered.

  • He is gone but not forgotten. We will always remember him in our hearts and minds.

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