Best wedding invitation message for friends and family

Wedding invitations for yourself, friends, brother or sister are considering coming up with SMS. This article will inspire you to write the best and sweet wedding invitation SMS. Don’t forget to check out how to send wedding invitation using bulk sms.

marriage invitation sms

Sending marriage invitation messages before the wedding is an important thing. An invitation message can be of a different type. That’s why we are sharing with you ’50+ Wedding Invitation Text Messages’ which will help you to send wedding invitation to your friends and relatives.

We have categorized different types of Wedding invitation SMS words/options that can be selected on the basis of various factors like formal SMS, invitation from some of their relatives. Ideally sending a wedding invitation SMS to your wedding guests is a good idea to let your friends and family know about the wedding dates in advance, so that they don’t have to block their dates and leave for that time. A window may be given to apply. Take a look at our unique samples and choose one for yourself!

Wedding invitations can also be sent through social networking sites, wedding event page ideas of the occasion and then all guests and friends can be invited through it. Let’s look at some sample wording of invitation messages for wedding examples sent in different ways:

So we are sharing with you a sweet wedding invitation text message which will help you to send wedding invitation to your friends and relatives.

Marriage Invitation Text Message

  • We have fixed our daughter’s wedding on [date], we are expecting your presence at the wedding. I hope you will be there with your entire family.

  • I am sending lots of love and good wishes to you, you guys are really awesome and I am inviting both of you to my wedding. The date has been fixed on [date]. I hope you will be here a couple of days before the ceremony.

  • I am sure you will be there for the wedding ceremony. Your presence will add so much happiness and joy on [date].

  • Dear uncle, my wedding date has been fixed on [date]. I am expecting you and my dear aunt’s present at the ceremony. I want to have blessings from you both.

Unique Marriage Invitation Text Message

  • I want to have you at my wedding ceremony at least three days before. I need your guide, support, and help. I am all alone here.

  • My wedding has been fixed on [date]. I am so blessed to let you know that you guys are a very crucial part of my family, and I want you to be present in the ceremony.

  • Dear, finally I’m getting married on [date]. I want you and your family to join the wedding function.

  • It will be a fun moment for the entire family of mine if you join my wedding ceremony on [date].

  • Dear uncle, I want to start my new life with your blessings, and that’s why I am inviting you and your family on [date].

  • Thank you so much for reading this ‘marriage invitation text message’. These invitation wordings are very unique and loving. If you send them to your friends or any relative, then they will love it and will love to join your wedding.

Wedding Invitation SMS

  • My dearest friend! I could not forget about you on my wedding day. I sincerely hope that you will give me the honour of attending my wedding.

  • There are moments in life which hold a lot of importance. For me, the wedding is the most important holiday. So, I want to invite you, my close friend, to attend my and my partner’s special day.

  • We are honoured to invite you, dearest friends, to the wedding of our son/daughter, who is about to start his/her new experience in life and tie the knot with his/her future husband/wife.

  • You are officially invited to our upcoming wedding, to celebrate the meeting of two loving hearts. We would love to see you at the ceremony and hear your sincere prayers for our union.

  • Please join us in the celebration of our wedding, which will happen this upcoming weekend. We hope you will grant us with your presence, and we would be happy to see you on our special day. All the prayers are welcome!